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The best advertisement for us is your own party!

After many years of experience we acquaint excellent the event organization providing high quality service and always with a great sense of responsibility.

We try your own event to have the best treatment according to your own requirements. For us every event is a new challenge and requires a different treatment.

My colleagues and I, we are a creative group of people with many years of experience in the field of entertainment. We have joined our forces, knowledge and imagination, and above all, our love for music.

Express and give us your own aesthetics for your party and we will implement them providing flexible and creative suggestions customized to your own profile.

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The sound coverage is very important for the proper outcome of the event.Following the on-site review of the hall or place of the reception we make the plan with the right distribution of audio for proper acoustics during your event.We have high technology equipment and we can support any type of event.Ιn case of emergency we have available sound coverage of the event (back up).


The lighting in an event is a 50% of the success of the evening. It gives intensity and romance in empty and large halls. The right lighting in combination with the DJ helps your Party to succeed. To access the photos relating to the lighting click here Recommended types of lighting:

  • Moving Lights
  • Lights «wash»
  • Par led
  • Architectural lighting
  • Disco ball
  • Laser
  • Vintage
  • Audiovisual

    To display your own moments:

  • Projector
  • Plasma Screen
  • Led wall
  • Special Effects

    If you wish your event to have something different this is the detail that makes the difference on your event.

  • Fireworks (indoor & and outdoor)
  • Fog Machines
  • Confetti throwers
  • Bubbles machine
  • Snow machine
  • Extras

    We recommend you to use a dance floor if your reception area has grass or dirt.

  • Dance Floor
  • Podiums for concerts
  • Orchestras

    We can cover every kind of orchestra.

  • Greek music
  • Traditional
  • Folk music
  • Artistic music
  • Live Bands
  • Latin
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Swing
  • Rock n Roll
  • Pop & Rock
  • Pop 80s & 90s Foreign and Greek
  • Special Music Services

    If you wish something special for the process of welcoming your guests different from the ordinary. We can make the process of welcoming the guest a premium event that everyone will remember forever!

  • Piano
  • Harp
  • Saxophone
  • Duets
  • Song
  • Planning

    Planning Your Event

    We choose the best among thousands of songs to plan your own program. Your desire is your guests of different ages and geographical origin to be satisfied and have fun until the morning making your wedding day a day that everyone will remember.

    Together we will choose and will plan your event from the first song to the very last. We can also suggest another plan, something different from the usual!!

    There are all kinds of songs. For instance some music styles that may form the dance program:

    Traditional songs related to our geographic origin. You can choose from a rich record library with modern songs performances that would not irritate your listening preferences.

    For instance some types of traditional songs: bolts Islands, Crete, Kalamata, Thrace, Epirus, Sarakatsans, Pontiac, etc.

    Another part of the program is folk music separated generally to hasaposerviko, oriental, zeybek music etc. Dance songs of today and yesterday. Only hits!!

    Another important part of the program is the foreign music. Here we pay special attention because it consists of many types of music and lasts until the early morning hours. Following a discussion with you we analyze the profile of the guests, and the musical sounds that interest them.

    We will respond to all your questions and together we will plan your event program by adding your own songs and wishes of your own people for a night that will be unforgettable to all your guests!

    We clarify that there is no time limit to the event, the Party ends only when the customer wants to!

    Types of Events

    We can undertake any type of events such as:

    • Wedding
    • Bachelor Parties
    • Christening
    • Engagement
    • Anniversary
    • Birthday
    • Showing
    • Charity gala
    • School events
    • Company Parties
    • Speeches
    • Exhibitions
    • Theatrical performances - dance groups
    • Fashion show
    • Events at Bar & Clubs
    • Christmas και New Year’s party
    • New Year's cake cutting

    Each event has its own specific features and requires organization and planning for the desired effect.

    We place great importance on personal contact with the customer and treat each event as unique and different.


    Use the login details given to you to view our photos! If you do not have access, please contact us to send you.

    Our guaranty is our happy customers!

    Read on our Facebook page the customer reviews from those that trusted us for their event.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We answer to all your own questions and help you to have clear view on our services.

    Along with the closing of the church and the place of reception you would get us a call for a first appointment. I would point out that our dates are closed early, and one reason is that we have couples from abroad closing the whole package early.

    There is no time limitation to your event. The Party is over only when the customer wants to. It would be advisable to have a clear answer from the person responsible for the reception space until what time we may be in the reception place, and until what time can we have music without turning down the volume.

    Whichever part of Greece is plugged in, we can play for you and your special guests the music you want.

    Very easily! We make an appointment at our office and we will provide an update to all your questions. Together we will set the music list of the event, adding your own songs as well as the wishes of your own people for a night that will be unforgettable for all your guests!

    We issue the appropriate receipt or invoice.

    • Because you listened to our music in a friend's wedding and asked for our card.
    • Because someone said to you the very best for our music.
    • Because when you view comments, photos and videos on our website, you will understand why people choose us for such an important moment.
    • Because we are professionals and we respect the personal contact with the customer and we treat each event as unique and different.
    • Βecause the best advertisement for us is your Party.

    We can adapt to any kind of event and fill in the gaps left by an orchestra, outlasting your Party until the morning.

    Yes there is this possibility; during our appointment at our office.

    We just play the music your guests want, and whatever suits the style of your Party and the temperament of your guests.Foreign and Greek songs of today and yesterday. Only hits!!


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